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Workouts for innovation leaders

Project number: 2020-1-RO01-KA204-079799
Project Duration: 01.10.2020 – 30.09.2022

About the project

WINN project focuses on the development of capacitation program to prepare SMEs executives to behave innovatively and spread innovation culture across their organisations. Within the project, WINN partnership will design and implement a learning-by-doing methodology for SMEs managers to develop their innovative mind-set and behaviours. It specifically aims at ensuring that SMEs leaders in no/low tech industries are prepared to lead for innovation, by developing proper mindset and adapting their behaviors and beliefs to allow authentic leadership for innovation. The project key output will take a form of a mobile app that will deliver managers daily programs for improvements in their managerial practices, as well as mental activities for overcoming cognitive barriers to innovation.


Due to the issue complex requirements, the WINN Project offers a strong customizable self-development path in the form of practical daily workouts resulting from 4 intellectual outputs:

WINN customization methodology (IO1)
will focus on diagnosing users week areas and individual barriers in scope of their innovation capacity and underline specific aspects requiring improvements.


WINN Workouts Methodology (IO2)
to provide users daily workouts adopted to personalized needs for behavioral and cognitive change regarding individual mindset, behaviours and biases to maximize proinnovative behaviors and beliefs.


WINN Workouts Toolkit (IO3)
for supporting practice-based learning will include pool of exercises, cases, motivational stories and short readings to support implementation of the workouts, iconographics, videos etc. for increasing interactivity and impact of the program.


WINN Mobile App (IO4)
a tool for integrated delivery of WINN Program to final users. The APP will provide direct access to interactive learning process responding to SMEs needs and will ensure easy delivery to any participant across EU. It will ensure effective self-development but also the ability to provide users (in non-time-consuming way) daily updates and learning tools along their development path.